Humanity - Locations


The B Project

The B Project is based in the district of Sindhupalchok, one of the least developed districts of Nepal and has one of the highest rates of child sex-trafficking throughout the entire country. After the earthquake in Spring of 2015, many of the villages within Sinhupalchok were demolished and communities devastated by loss. Through our partnership with The B Project, each purchase provides girls with an education, through a multi-tierd approach providing uniforms, supplies, and training for the women who make the uniforms.

The B Project has developed a holistic approach that supports the essential right to education for girls and women, with a shared pursuit to end sex trafficking, child labor and the abuse of children’s rights. The B Project’s tailoring program employs women within the community, providing economic growth and job stability for these women, who in turn make the uniforms for the girls supported by Faircloth & Supply.

This multi-generational, education-based approach is intended to revolutionize the way we approach women’s education and prevents social and economic exploitation.


General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP), is a non-profit organization working in over 20 districts of Nepal and has reached over 500,000 beneficiaries through their outreach programs with women and children. The program focuses on income growth and stability, health improvement, education, and the environment. The program targets rural areas of Nepal with high incidents of sex-trafficking and significant school drop out rates for girls. Faircloth & Supply’s partnership with GWP ensures that girls are provided with the fundamental materials needed to attend school, such as, uniforms and school supplies.



Women Weave

Located in Maheshwar, India, Women Weave, is a women’s empowerment organization that provides education and employment for women in the hand looming industry. The organization targets women living in rural India, providing them with an education that will benefit their economic growth and success. Our partnership supports Women Weave’s mission to educate and empower women through sourcing fabric for our production. The purchase of one of these hand-crafted textiles serves as a direct donation to the organization.