Confidence as a result of empowerment. The philosophy of empowerment does not have meaning without the unconditional hope and faith in the human spirit. Faircloth believes in the collective power of the human spirit to transcend politics, race, and gender. Your purchase provides infrastructure beyond charity and empowers young women around the world to believe in themselves. Confidence as a change agent; an agent who believes in themselves, who alters the fabrication of their community. A community that pushes towards a society that desires more for the next generation.




Ignite Change

There are approximately 170 million children worldwide who are not enrolled in school. Of those children, 70 percent of them are girls. Equal access for females to education is crucial to ending global poverty. In order to ignite change, we have created an approach to building infrastructure within the communities we reach, to ensure education for girls in Nepal preventing sex-trafficking, child marriage’s, and children’s rights violations. Through your purchase, Faircloth + Supply provides access to education for girls in Nepal.

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Project Locations
Nepal and India
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Our Practice

Located in Maheshwar, India, Women Weave, is a women’s empowerment organization that provides education and employment for women in the hand looming industry. The organization targets women living in rural India, providing them with an education that will benefit their economic growth and success. Our partnership supports Women Weave’s mission to educate and empower women through sourcing fabric for our production. The purchase of one of these hand-crafted textiles serves as a direct donation to the organization.



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