About A Girl: Phoebe Dahl
After spending the day with Phoebe Dahl, founder of the fair trade brand Faircloth & Supply, it's safe to say that we're thoroughly enchanted by her. (It's hard not to love someone who championed for a pet monkey when she was younger.) The LA-based creative may have had to call her mom to ask for advice on whether she should start her own brand or not, but she knows what she wants and she goes for it, which made us wonder: what led to such a positive attitude? "I grew up with six siblings. We lived in this fairy tale house that looked like a castle," Phoebe laughs over the phone. "It was incredible. There were so many kids around all the time, and it was pretty much all girls, so I come from a very strong women’s upbringing. Everyone was creative."

From eating lobster rolls to planting in her garden, we followed the young designer as she went about her day in the city of angels to learn more about her upbringing and what she likes to do in her downtime. (And yes, you're gonna want a lobster roll after this.)