Phoebe Dahl's 5-Step Guide to Changing the World

"You can actually have a profitable business while also helping others."

26-year-old fashion designer Phoebe Dahl may feel familiar because of her last name –"Dahl," as in Roald Dahl. (The Twits is Phoebe's favorite of her grandfather's novels.) Or, you may recognize her face from adorable Instagrams of her and fiancée Ruby Rose.

But if you don't really know who Phoebe Dahl is or what she's up to, you're missing out. Dahl is behind Faircloth & Supply, a utilitarian fashion line that's advancing a cause that's Dahl's greatest passion: the "economic empowerment of women worldwide." To do so, Faircloth & Supply matches every item of clothing sold with a school uniform donation to girls in Nepal. They also provide supplies and scholarships to the girls in Nepal, and this week, Dahl's premiering a new initiative, selling scarves to benefit India's Women's Weave, which revives the lost art of hand looming while empowering women with sustainable income and life-skills.