Gas and Gander



This week I'm focusing on forward thinking fashion brands that are using the power of clothing and accessories to impact the lives of thousands in third world countries.

One brand I have fallen in love with and wanted to feature prominently in today's post is Phoebe Dahl's Faircloth & Supply. The work Phoebe has been doing through the sales of her capsule fashion collections has impacted the lives of hundreds of girls in Nepal

Phoebe Dahl grew up in Florida then moved to California where she began to pursue her love of fashion. While on a business trip to Japan, Phoebe found herself surrounded by inspiration. The simplicity of classic Japanese clothing was something she had never seen before and to this day it remains the main inspiration behind her effortless and chic designs.

She has always had a strong passion for giving back to the community and her main goal with Faircloth & Supply is to support mistreated and undervalued women in Nepal. She has developed a strong partnership with the General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) and for each item sold at her fashion brand a uniform is provided for a young Nepali girl who will then be enabled to attend school and receive the education they so rightfully deserve.