How Phoebe Dahl’s LA fashion line is saving schoolgirls in Nepal from traffickers

Phoebe Dahl, leading light in forward-thinking LA fashion (and, as a quick BFG FYI, granddaughter of fabled children’s author Roald Dahl), is officially our hero. We met her on Sunset Boulevard, to find out how her company, Faircloth & Supply, is committed to improving, and pretty much saving, the lives of young girls in Nepal – all through clothing. All power to her. And we mean all of it.

Early in her career, fashion designer Phoebe Dahl traveled to Japan and India, where she saw a major contrast: elegant Japanese women dressed in loose-fitting linen dresses, and vast gender inequality in India.

> After a flash of inspiration on the flight home from that trip, Dahl started Faircloth & Supply, a clothing company that would dress women in elegant designs, inspired by what she saw in Japan, while dressing young girls for school in a developing country, one-for-one.

May 26, 2016 by Alex Noelani